Event Report

Fuckup Nights The Hague #3

Another edition of Fuckup Nights has passed! And what a great night it was, filled with laughter, beautiful and touching stories, and some hilarious fuckups. We are really excited about our new team members, who did an amazing job with the hosting and moderation of this event. Shout out to Niels and Marc! Besides that, we have collaborated with our new partners Bleyenberg and Van Gils Fashion in this edition and got the support of the City of The Hague – Impact City once again to make this all possible.

Our new facilitating partner and co-host for this edition was Bleyenberg. A great place for food, drinks and hospitality, right in the city center of The Hague. They made sure everybody was happy and provided a delicious meal for those who signed up for dinner. They also made sure the space we used was extremely cozy and comfortable, and everybody had enough to drink. To top it all off, the owner Raoul Farla, talked about his own fuckup and shared with us how he ended up running Bleyenberg. Crazy huh?

Next up was Arthur van de Graaf. He is the founder of Start Lean Funding, an initiative to help anybody who want to start his/her own business or initiative in the best possible way. Like always, Arthur gave a very inspirational talk and this time about equality between woman and man, and why it is important to have more woman in business. Feel free to contact him if you want to know more about this subject. Or book a 30 min session via Start Lean Funding.



Moving on to the main program. The first speaker was Claudia Vork. She set up a food business in Singapore called Px Plate. Together with her business partner she ran a hawker, which is a traditional food stall. But this hawker had an own app for ordering healthy food, based on the height, weight and activity level of the person ordering. The meal was personalized, healthy and tasty. But alas, it was hard to compete with the cheap, unhealthy, but tasty food from the other hawkers. To keep their business going, Claudia started to make more and more concessions on their core values. In the end the business failed. She learned to always stay true to yourself and the things that are important to you.

The second speaker was Mark Booster. He told us about his previous failed business and how this affected him. Mark shared with us a very personal experience about anxiety and coping with failure. He gave some useful insights and key takeaways what to do when you feel completely stuck and anxious.


Then it was time for Laurens Blok, The CEO of Van Gils, who shared his own personal story of stitches that were collected on his road to success. Which has been a very moving journey in business and in life. Laurens was very ambitious and always thought that people who weren’t successful could blame themselves for this. Unfortunately, something happened that changed for Laurens how he perceived success and how he dealt with challenges. He felt the importance of a supporting community in difficult times, and how people can help each other to overcome even the most extreme hurdles life throws at you. Sometimes life feels unfair, but this can give you powerful insights.

Second last speaker was Nathalie Galfrascoli. She thought she landed her dream job at a big company in an exciting industry, with a title that says she gets to do what she loves every single day. But reality was very different. She was feeling stressed, anxious and miserable and decided to run. What followed was a heart-wrenching time with a lot of grieving and recovering. Nathalie told us how the whole experience gave her new insights about what she really wants in life, and what not. Now she wants to help others who are in need of coaching.

The last, but certainly not the least, was Michael Allen. He is a Welshman, living in the Netherlands, and has been running his own businesses since 1991. Some were successful, others failed. He decided to write a guide book for entrepreneurs to bounce back after failure. Michael talked about the reality of getting a job after failing a business, and why not to think lightly about this process. He gave us a good reality check about the consequences of failing, but also that it is the best choice to start your own business again. 

Although all the speakers where very inspirational, the audience also contributed a lot to make this evening so great. You guys asked insightful questions, sympathized with the speakers and started interested conversations. The audience truly made the evening as awesome as it was!

Unfortunately, we are not able to publish any questions asked or answers given that night due to our policy in which we want to keep things personal and therefore we also hide the details of the stories shared by our speakers, but you can always try to contact them or reach out to us first if you are really curious or have some questions left unanswered. Anyway, make sure you will be there at the next event somewhere in May for a session up close and personal! Interested in the photos? Check out some of them below!

Are you interested in starting your own business? Or maybe you are just started thinking about taking a new direction in life? Or are you just looking for a fun evening and meeting interesting people? Fuckup Nights The Hague, together with our partner Impact City the Hague, is organizing a new edition every quarter. You will learn every in- and out about fucking up, how this will affect you and what you can learn from this experience. Also, we end every night with time for networking and socializing, so you can meet new and interesting people.

Keep an eye out on our socials and hopefully we see you at the next edition of Fuckup Nights The Hague!


PS: We had a win-action that was also displayed on the bottles you got at the end of the night. Hereby the message once again: If you attended the event and want to win a limited-edition polo of van Gils x Fuckup Nights like on the photo below, go to this website and leave your email address. See ya!

Written by: Tom Zonneveld (host FUN The Hague)
‘Arthur is founder van Get a Crowd, specialist crowdfunding, marketeer, innovator & new business specialist, en daarnaast ervaren spreker & mentor in business en educatie bij een aantal hogescholen, universiteiten & accelerators.’

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Fuckup Guidelines
During the presentation we ask the speaker to use the following 4F guideline:

Fail: What happened.
Facts: Project details
Feelings: Emotional experience.
Find: Learning outcome.

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At Tuesday 11-12-2018 we had yet another edition of FuckUp Nights The Hague. The event was completely sold out, with over 70 people attending. We are very proud at everybody who helped making this event such a success. A big thanks to you for putting your trust in us. During this last event, a couple of things really stood out.

-As for the protection of our speakers, we will not publish any insights shared or questions answered regarding their presentations. If you’re really curious to know what to expect or learn from our speakers, make sure to attend one of our events-

First of all, we had Arthur van de Graaf kicking off this event with a short, but inspirational talk. Arthur is the founder of the Start Lean Funding method and co-host of Fuckup Nights The Hague. This method helps (starting) entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and/or initiatives in the most fitting manner, so they will not have to give away stakes or lose control over their enterprise, but focus on landing their (first) paying customers. This time he talked about getting ready for a launch. If you want to know which lessons Arthur shared, you can always contact him for a talk or book a 30 min session via Start Lean Funding.

Next we had four very interesting and powerful speakers lined up, ready to share their biggest fuckup with us. They guided us through their journey of lessons learned using a tight format called Pecha Kucha (20 slides of 20 seconds, 6.40 minutes). Afterwards there was some time for Q&A. Last time we asked around who’s in the audience and we found out that besides entrepreneurs, freelancers, innovators and facilitators, there were a lot of students in the audience. So, especially for the students, we managed to arrange a student-entrepreneur speaking.

First up was Niels den Daas. He ended up empty handed after building a successful startup for more than four years. He told us how this happened, what painful lessons he learned out of this experience and how you could prevent making them. Curious to know how? Maybe he will tell you himself.

The second speaker was Martina Guzman. She learned the hard way that not knowing when to stop can break you down. basically she told us how important it is that you listen to yourself and learn when to let go.

The third speaker, Jerry Delemarre, firmly believes that having a mental breakdown was the best thing ever happened to him. You might not believe him, but he explained to us how the quality of his life actually improved after it all first went down rock bottom.

The last, but definitely not the least speaker of the night was Gamin Bao. She decided to register at the KvK while being in an internship. She announced this new step in her career, but was immediately requested to take down 75% of her portfolio, or else she would end up being sued. What she did? Act out of love instead out of fear.

After each speaker, there was time for questions. This is when we noticed you guys need a bit more time. Honestly, we expected the audience would ask 2-5 questions to every speaker, but we ended up with you guys asking 6-10 questions. We are very excited about your enthusiasm, so now there will be a timeslot of 20 minutes for every speaker. This will contain 6,40 minutes for the presentation and 10-15 minutes for questions.

We will continue to host this event in 2019 with at least four community events at the beautiful venue of The Student Hotel called the Winter Garden. We want to thank the Student Hotel and the city of The HagueImpact City for making all this possible. We also want to thank our speakers for sharing their (personal) difficulties and being so open with us. We learn so much from them. And of course a big thanks to the audience for their company, insightful questions and the great vibe you give to this evenings. You guys make it all worth our while.

See you at FUN The Hague!