Fuckup Nights

The movement of Fuckup Nights originated in Mexico City and was soon spread to over 80 countries and over 300 cities, with The Hague being one of them. With these events in The Hague we tend to give back to the community by sharing lessons learned and start new opportunities.

Tom Zonneveld is the host of Fuckup Nights the Hague. If you contact us, Tom will most probably reach out to you. Tom is responsible for the quality of the event, meaning he will make sure everything is set and arranged and everyone is prepared in order to get to a successful organized event. Feel free to reach out!

Tom Zonneveld

Chief Fuckup Officer | Host 

Arthur van de Graaf

Chief Fuckup Officer | Inspirer

Added Value

Tom & Arthur have several businesses together and combine many lessons learned. With this experience they managed to build a method and tools in order to prevent fuckups and get to the next level.

At every event,  Arthur van de Graaf kicks off with a short, but inspirational talk. Arthur is besides co-host of Fuckup Nights the Hague the founder of the Start Lean Funding method. This method helps (starting) entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and/or initiatives in the most fitting manner, so they will not have to give away stakes or lose control over their enterprise, but focus on landing their (first) paying customers. You can always contact him for a talk if you want to know anything about his lessons learned, or you can just book a 30 min session via Start Lean Funding.

Niels den Daas

Chief Fuckup Officer | Moderator

Marc Rodan

Chief Fuckup Officer | Moderator


Event Hosting

Niels & Marc have a natural gift for the right mindset, motivation and change. They use these skills as a tool to help others grow, expand and/or find their way in either life or business, or both combined.

At every event, Niels and Marc use their synergy to train and motivate speakers. Their job leads the moderation of the event where they connect with the crowd and help the speakers to really stand out.

Niels den Daas is a neuroscientist, AI enthusiast and lover of a good mental or physical challenge. He built the largest educational network of the Netherlands, where he led over 40 self-managing teams. However, the company’s success came with a price… more and more micro-managing. Seeing that not only himself, but a lot of people around him were unhappy with their current situation, he now joined FUN The Hague and helps people break free from their harmful routines.

Marc Rodan‘s life is all about learning, experimentation… and having FUN! He went from pancake entrepreneur in a foreign country, to Agile consultant for leading multinational corporations, to content creator while traveling the world. Now, he joined FUN The Hague and helps leaders and employees thrive in today’s rapidly-changing and tech-driven world.

Fuckup Nights
Fuckup Format
We strive to deliver an informal pitch & networking event for an international orientated audience. The official program will run approximately 2 hours. Each of the at least 4 stories about business or project failures lasting 6:40 minutes (Pecha Kucha style). After every presentation there will be a 10 up to 15 minutes moderated Q&A.
Fuckup Guidelines
During the presentation we ask the speaker to use the following 4F guideline:

Fail: What happened.
Facts: Project details
Feelings: Emotional experience.
Find: Learning outcome.

Next event

Our next event will be on the 21st of January  2020 in cooperation with Bleyenberg The Hague. Get your tickets via How to Start.

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Some Testimonials from our Clients
Itatendam utentotatiat volupta expero ma volorum quiam vel estioreped erae rendipsa nulluptur ressunt eatistis etur, eatisti aut militat. Harry Yan


Itatendam utentotatiat volupta expero ma volorum quiam vel estioreped erae rendipsa nulluptur ressunt eatistis etur, eatisti aut militat.  Luna Myah


Itatendam utentotatiat volupta expero ma volorum quiam vel estioreped erae rendipsa nulluptur ressunt eatistis etur, eatisti aut militat. Juliet Tonson


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